I'm OZZryan, Founder of The Bank.  

TheOZZshow.com is a future show that pays us to say so.  The future show is RoadBlogRadio.

RoadBlogRadio is a future radio show that moves the middle up by giving us a place to say so, to help answer questions that RoadBlogRadio goes out into the world to answer, problems that seem to go on and on and on, questions we can’t seem to answer without screaming and yelling and pointing fingers and name calling, questions like why our bills keep going up, why there are less jobs for some and more for others, why it's so hard to get to the top, why we can't just get a job and why instead we need a career, why it gets more and more competitive to get a proper education, why it gets more challenging to keep a job, why it gets harder and harder to own a home, why they succeed and you don't, why our media is so negative, why our churches are empty, why people scream and point fingers and shut down debate, why diplomacy is under attack, why we seem so divided and your opinion is wrong, which makes you bad and if you don't think like me I'll never talk to you again.  The future, this future that brings us answers, is brought to us by Christian McQuaid, a guy who begins his mission to build a bank that serves us, which sets the stage for all institutions to serve us, the beginning of a journey to tell Christian what you want, and how The Bank can help you move up in the world, the beginning of a true story fictionalized that begins and ends in a New York City radio studio on which characters of good and bad character debate, a conversation that you join with SaySo™ because you believe in a future that includes us and not just them.